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15 Minute Discovery Consultation with Amelia Brooke

Embark on an obligation free, no-cost consultation where you’ll kickstart the process of discovering the key steps to propel your career forward. We’ll pinpoint immediate actions, making the entire process more manageable. This session also provides an opportunity to understand my approach and assess if partnering with me is the right fit for you. To schedule your consultation, please complete the short application form.

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Positioning for a Promotion

Ready to transition into a leadership role? This intensive 3-hour coaching session is designed to unlock your executive presence and propel you towards that coveted promotion.

Backed by the latest research, this one-to-one coaching session equips you with the skills and strategies to position yourself strategically as a high-calibre leader. You’ll learn to make a lasting impression on decision-makers with the kind of confidence and presence that screams “leadership material.”

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Personal Branding Mastery

Your personal brand is not just a label, but the essence of what sets you apart. It builds trust, credibility, and opens doors to new opportunities. Join me on the Professional Branding Mastery programme to uncover the real you in three 60-minute online sessions.

This tailored programme is focused a focused and efficient adventure, blending self-reflection, exploration, strategy, and practical application. You’ll receive engaging pre-work and homework assignments to make the most of each session.

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Career Transition Coaching

Are you considering a career change? It’s an exciting time, but it can also be a daunting process. That’s where my Career Transition Coaching comes in. My programme is designed to guide you through this significant change, whether you’re switching industries, returning to work, or transitioning between sectors.

This coaching programme is delivered in three 90-minute online sessions, designed to maximise your progress, and includes pre-work and homework assignments.

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Job Search Strategies

Are you feeling stuck in your job search? Have you been applying to countless jobs with no responses? It’s time for a change. Partner with me, and together, we can remove roadblocks, create a strategic action plan, and fast-track your success.

Time is of the essence. Two hours of targeted searching will be more effective than eight hours of scattered applications.

In this two-hour session, I’ll guide you through a streamlined approach that produces results quickly and efficiently. We’ll focus on prioritisation to identify the most relevant opportunities and avoid the black hole of online postings.

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Interview Coaching

Imagine walking into the interview and instantly captivating the space. That’s the power of authentic executive presence. My interview coaching program doesn’t just polish your skills; it transforms you into a leader who commands respect from the moment you enter the room.

While technical skills are crucial, studies show that soft skills can make up a significant portion of a hiring decision. This interview coaching programme will focus on helping you showcase the full picture of your value beyond your CV.

4 Hours

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8 Hours

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First 90 Days Coaching

As we all know, the first 90 days set the tone for success, and my personalised coaching experience is crafted to equip you with the tools and mindset needed to proactively tackle challenges and seize opportunities.

Whether you are a candidate at the final interview stage or recently appointed, the First 90 Days Coaching is a comprehensive support system that ensures you have a trusted confidant by your side.

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Compensation Negotiation

Every job offer is a chance to secure a compensation package that reflects your true value, but negotiation jitters can lead to accepting offers that undervalue your skills and potential.

This two-hour Compensation Negotiation Coaching session empowers you to take control. This is your chance to learn proven strategies for confidently negotiating a salary and benefits package that meets your needs.

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